04 December 2011

Woodjie is FIVE!

Yep.  This year, Woodjie learnt to say, "My name Aziah!" and to use the potty.  He can also almost write his name... and it isn't "Aziah."  I suppose Aziah is close enough that if he were missing but introduced himself around town, that he would be returned. 

I took him out to lunch today and as we were pulling into the parking lot, Woodjie told me yay he's hugwy!  I don't know how, but he remembers the place from the last (and only other!) time he has been out to eat... at least five months ago.  And it's just a generic strip mall.  I sure wouldn't be able to tell this place from any other.  How did he do that? 

And.  He remembered the fish in the Chinese restaurant.  We had to get a table by the fish so he could watch them swim while he ate.  I didn't get picky about what he ate, just this once.  I gave him as many mini donuts and french fries as he wanted.  I think we spent nearly two hours there before he came home and told everyone "I eat a donut!"

Tomorrow I will give him some Star Wars action figures and a Pokeball that will probably break in two weeks but he will love to death until then.  Happy birthday, Woodjie! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Woodjie!!!!

    I loved reading the update - that sweet little guy. I hope their wasn't took much fall out from the doughnuts!

  2. HI Happy Elf Mom

    I always enjoy reading about your sweet Woodjie as he is a real beacon of hope for a friend of mine who has a non verbal kid. My son with autism speaks in two to tree word sentences and have not move3d beyond that despite a lot of effort on our parts but you keep oping and trying


  3. I'd like to add my well wishes also!

  4. Sounds like fun....but what is a Pokeball??

  5. I'd say Woodjie enjoyed the fish tank so much that he remembered where it was and that there was food there.
    Happy Birthday Woodjie!

  6. Isn't he doing well! I am glad he had a lovely birthday.


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