23 April 2012

What IS It?

Answer coming up tomorrow!  Meanwhile, here are some hints:  it belongs to Elf, and he specially wanted to get this at the homeschool convention.  It costs $4.50 and is made of heavy plastic.  It can be purchased in other designs, but I think Elf picked this one out because it's green.  Green is the colour all the little woodland elves love so much.  So of course it is his favourite colour.   

Speaking of little woodland elves, Elf took this picture of himself recently.  I guess he doesn't have the "flaunt it in the mirror and post this to facebook" social skill down yet.  Also, he forgot to look sultry and/or snarl.  He is almost 12; when is he going to learn these things?  :/  Ok, seriously, I thought this picture was cute and captured the sort of friendly person he is.


  1. ooh, can i guess? i don't wanna guess and then get in trouble with the kids!

  2. Hmmm... did you buy one at the homeschooling convention? Because you are just the type.

    Seriously, go ahead and GUESS!!!

  3. I have no idea what this thing is!

    I even 'enbiggen'd' it ... still no idea.
    Some sort or game?
    A fancy dough cutter?
    A wig wam for a goose's bridle?

    See, no idea.

    Re your comment on Pepsi: I am FAR FAR from GRACEFUL my friend... in fact a little while ago I was a raging, furious mad woman!

  4. man... that thing looks familiar!

    "look sultry and snarl"... yer funny.

  5. I am guessing a pie crust cutter for the top crust? To make fancy designs? Like Martha Stewart?

    But I also am guessing that he isn't planning on using it for whatever it's intended purpose.

    Two guesses! Hopefully I am in the ballpark.

  6. Is it a candy mould, like for holiday chocolates? I stink at guessing...

    Yep, he comes off cute and friendly in his picture...for Fb he needs to be in the bathroom in front of the mirrow with the reflection clearly showing the toilet and make a duck face. lol

  7. You could put it on a cake and dust a powdered sugar design, if you were a Martha Stewart type and didn't jut get the tub of "fat and sugar" frosting like me.

  8. I think it's a cake decorator item, like usethebrains godgiveyou said.

  9. OOO look, I was a little bit right with one of my guesses!


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