21 June 2012

Bad Parenting? Or Bad Schools?

** I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds when it popped up on my facebook feed.  A school bus aide is taunted and bullied until she's left in tears.  Read the article and see the video here.
"That is what happens when you let kids socialize kids in a school system that is dedicated to the notion that truth is relative," wrote Michael Farris on HSLDA's facebook page. "The formal definition of socialization is passing the values of society from one generation to the next. These kids should be listening to this woman for her wisdom. Instead, they abuse her in the extreme. Who wants their kids socialized in THAT atmosphere?" 
 Okayyy, Mr. Farris.  So.  What if I had a video of the young men who used the church TV/VCR rolly cart combo to watch pornos a few years back at the church up the street?  Would it be a fair deduction for me to post it and say that the socialization one gets in church is bad and "who wants their kids socialized in THAT atmosphere?" rather than going, "R***** Church stinks!  They really aren't watching their kids very well there!"   
The kids on this bus should be punished, and really more than that, the first person to act out should have been handed a consequence right there.  Allowing the aide to be verbally abused simply emboldened the other students to think of more harsh words and cross the line into physical abuse.  I submit to you that the problem should be dealt with by the parents, the police and guess what?  The SCHOOL.  I firmly believe the school is NOT the parent of these children, and it does NOT teach religious values.  It doesn't follow that the school can't set consequences for socially unacceptable and harassing behaviour, however.
Everyone should be ashamed of this video, really.  I notice at least there is no blustering about the "no video recording on school property" at least.  Maybe the school will take this seriously.


  1. Sadly that is not far from where I live, this was just outside of Rochester about an hour away from buffalo..

    the kids will probably get no repercussion for their actions.

  2. I couldn't watch more than 15 seconds. In my mind, I'm thinking I'd feel like beating Ben's bottom if I heard him acting like that. We were the bartender's kids...true low-lifes...but we NEVER would have been allowed to be that disrespectful.

    But so far as your example in comparing the church to the school...You really do think outside the box!!! In the end, it was a sad, unfortunate situation, but hopefully at least some kids can learn from it. I guess the woman has gotten an outpouring of love.

  3. I am just horrified to think this is our future. Heartbreaking and disturbing.

  4. I wrote about this today too. As someone who was bullied, I know that the problem starts with bad parenting, but I also know that it can be curbed if there were enough supervision. I mean, what is a 68 year old woman supposed to do on a bus full of rowdy middle schoolers? She should have been on the handicapped bus that she requested. That bus needed a couple of big-ole men! Regardless of who the monitor was there needs to be monitors. 1 adult per 10 kids. Don't tell me they can't afford it... stop paying the district administrators in the millions and put the money where it belongs!

  5. It would break my heart if my children did this. And, there would be consequences. After an in person apology, I think mowing her lawn for the summer, cleaning her house, or showing her some kindness that requires that my child spend time with her and get to know her as a real live person with feelings. So sad... it is even sad that the school district is employing an additional adult besides the driver to try to maintain order on the school bus. These kids should all lose their bus privileges and learn the joys of hoofing it, biking, or taking public transportation to and from school.

    I had commented on a facebook thread that it seemed to me that the monitor was on the bus to prevent that kind of bullying. Someone else replied that a relative is a school bus driver and has a monitor because she can't pay attention to the road and the children at the same time. When asked about the incident, the relative told her that the only thing the monitor can do is break up fights. The rest of it is strictly hands off. We can't be destroying our little ones over bearing egos by telling them they have to treat others respectfully. Who said modesty, That lowly temper which accompanies a moderate estimate of one's own worth and importance, isn't attractive?


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