10 July 2012

Communication Arts

My teacher's guide.

LIFEPAC Christian curriculum comes with ten workbooks and a teacher's guide.  I think LIFEPACs are clearer and simpler than many of the other things we've tried.  It's also extremely easy to tell where you are in the school year by how many workbooks you still have left to do.

Don't let the workbook format fool you.  This isn't a drill-type of curriculum.  It's lively, thoughtful, and it doesn't talk down to the student.   Most questions are multiple choice or require only a short sentence.  Perfect for Emperor who struggles to write long passages coherently, but is ready to learn some key concepts of the English language.
A sample page for your perusal.

The single thing I dislike about LIFEPACs are the teacher's guides.  Ughh, I hate them.  I've somewhat solved the "dig through the whole book to find what you need" problem by using Post-It notes for tabs.  But the teacher guides could use some major revision. 

We moved away from LIFEPACs for a couple of years and I wish I had stuck with them.  I think if we continue homeschooling Emperor that that is exactly what we are going to do.  With LIFEPAC, Emperor enjoys his English studies.  He didn't with the last curriculum we used.

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