09 July 2012

The Computer Just Knows.

Some psychic ability in police software consults the spirits and "knows" when and where the next troublespot will be.  It can pinpoint what's going to go wrong tonight within 500 feet.  The archaic notion that cops need to "walk a beat" and form relationships within a community is rightly derided. 

Let's just use the cops "effectively."  They're really just widgets, replaceable, who cares.  We'll just decrease cop hours.  With this new software, officers just pop out of nowhere when trouble starts.  Neighbourhood watches?  Thing of the past.  The computer will tell you when to worry.  So shut up.  And don't worry.

All this will make for better officers because their paperwork will be virtual as well.

"All they need now," quipped one commenter, "is virtual doughnuts."  I'm thinking they can find those in CafeWorld.  With sprinkles.


  1. Interesting line of thinking...I wonder if they have virtual coffee with those dough nuts?!

    Hope you have a great week, blessings, Kris

  2. What a load of claptrap!
    I think the old way was so much better. When I was a kid, cops walked the beat. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone. It was a small town amd they knew everybody, had a "feel" for the streets and community, trouble was nipped in the bud.
    Nowadays it's all about cost effectiveness, using as few cops as possible so the "powers that be" don't have to spend too much money.

  3. I am a great big tech-head, as is my husband and son. We all think that's crap. Just seems like justification to send more officers to trouble areas or to protect rich areas.... whichever that precinct decides is their priority.


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