09 August 2012

Bye-Bye, Tree.

My computer just died.  Won't even power up.  All my computer-saved tree-ly good pictures of my fave tree are gone.  Ah, well, here's a random shot of it through my kitchen window.  It will have to do.  The tree started becoming hollow up under, bark began to fall off and branches were dying.  The whole tree was in the dying process for a while, but I'm sure the hot, drought-y weather did it no favours, either.  So it was time to go before it fell and did some major damage.

Not the sort of thing you just do yourself, though.  The tree is absolutely immense.  I could squat down and take a picture straight up even from this angle, and the tree will still be up up up there.  We had to hire the professionals at Prentice and Bush to come out and do the job.  Jason climbs up the tree like a spider with nothing but a rope and a pair of spiky cleats.  He takes a chainsaw and a drink along, but it's almost like watching Avatar to see him scurrying about so high up.

A view from my driveway.  The tree branches are halfway down in this picture.  This picture does not give the size of my tree justice.  The websites I've encountered say "mature" pin oak trees are 70 feet tall, and the ones I have left on the side of my house are about that, but this one was a bit taller and closer to 90 feet. (I am guessing that 70 feet is an average and not a world record.)   Oddly only the trees on the west side of my house remain.  Others got sick or were dying and had to be removed over the years.  They would probably have been planted in 1964 when the house was built.

The bad thing about having to have this work done is now I have an in-your-face view of 1960's power wires, complete with squirrel nest and some glass-looking doodads.  Sometimes the squirrels electrocute themselves to death because they keep running about on the wires, but that doesn't stop the stupid things from building the same old nests year after year.  Kind of like the let's build a condo on the Florida coast mentality.  Whenever they do this, we lose power for a while.

Speaking of losing power, most of our town was in total darkness overnight because of a very large and sudden thunderstorm.  The silence during the outage was just amazing.  You never realize how much electrical humming and other noise is about you until it is hushed.  Our area was one of the very last to be up and running power-wise, so sleepy children had to find ways to light their way in the morning and stay safe.  Jason had been telling me when he bid our job that really, things were slow, they could sure use the work, etc.  I'm so glad the tree came down just before the big storm hit.  Right now, all the local tree service people are going to be VERY busy for a while.  Just saw six tree trucks going up and down our street doing work today.  Meanwhile, my newly-trimmed trees have just been rained upon so it's perfect timing.


  1. Wow! What a project! I remember that tree was immense .. and you were luckly to get the pros to do it before they got all tied up in storm repairs ....

  2. Question: how are you blogging if your computer died?
    Yaa to getting the tree down before it fell and did any damage.
    We had a huge Oak tree in one of our Hamilton homes, it was a 'double' trunk tree... and one half split off and fell... luckily right down the centre of our back yard and it did not major damage. We had to do what you did and get contractors in to take down the other half.... it was scary! It fell and only just missed hitting our house.
    I like the 'head lights' on Elf!

  3. I couldn't imagine doing that for a living...I'd be terrified climbing trees like that!!

  4. We had a couple trees taken down last winter. I went with the cut-rate company. The trees are down, but they left a mess and a couple of mighty impressive stumps.

    We have at least one annual power outage. This year, we kept our power when others lost theirs from our big July 4 hail storm, but we lost it two days later over nothing. Many on our block were steamed. We're told improvements are coming next year . . . or is it the year after?

  5. Those glass insulators might have some value to crafters. My aunt used to make candlesticks out of them.

  6. "Kind of like the let's build a condo on the Florida coast mentality. " Too funny...

    Now you got me getting all paranoid about the oak in our yard. It is half dead. It will cost $1800 to remove it. Yikes!


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