31 August 2012

House Rules

(A post by an Elf, without correction and edited only for brevity.  I had no idea our household had so many rules!)

1.  Do not dissobey Parents
2.  take off your shoes at the door
3.  Clean your room, every-day
4.  Do not complain
5.  If you're not sure, ask Mom.
6.  If Mom or Dad are eating, do not ask them any-thing.
7.  You must have socks when putting on shoes.
8.  Help your yonger siblings
9.  Help your older siblings.
10.  Do not lie.
11.  Ask before you do.
12.  Do not resort to violence, Tell Mom or Dad.
13.  Do not buy things without Mom/Dads premition.

Special Rule AKA Purple Dinosour

Do NOT correct Mom on ANY-thing.

(Editor's note:  This one is a real rule at our house!  If Mom tells a school worker/ doctor/ other stranger something that doesn't sound right, eeeeeven if she claims that a purple dinosaur came by and did a dance in our living room, do not correct Mom.  You will get into soooo much trouble for making Mom look like a liar and you do not always know the whole story like you think you do.)

14.  Do not punish your younger siblings, tell Mom/Dad
15.  If Mom/Dad tell you to do something, do it!
16.  Do not run away.
17.  acsept punishment.
18.  Do Not leave the Doors un locked
19.  Do not Ignore Mom/Dad
20.  If Mom and Dad are both gone, obey the oldest sibling in the house.
21.  If Mom and Dad dissagree, Obey Dad
22.  If Dad/Mom are talking to a sibling, do not step in.
23.  Do not make unnesesary noises.
24.  Make your bed every-day.
25 Brush your teeth every-day
26.  Do not mess up the house.
27.  Do not Insult your siblings.
28.  Do not steal


  1. I am going to print this out right now. I need an additional rule in my house, though: Do not complain about any meals put in front of you. Especially do not complain about any meals while mom is still cooking them.

  2. Interesting perspective! Of course, rule 21 is wrong... as I know where I stand in the food chain at my house :)

  3. I checked the "in poor taste, as usual" box just for fun above cuz I like it. dang, you have a lot of rules. i need to have my kids sit down and write our unspoken rules, this oughta be good.

  4. Good rules, all of them. In our house rule 21 would have been obey mum, because with dad away so often he didn't really understand the family dynamics.

  5. Got quite a chuckle out of this list... and River's comment. Too funny!

  6. The special rule is my no1 rule. As for rule 21 it is more like if mom and dad don't agree we'll get back to you. Besides that our rule is basically "don't be a jerk"

    That young man is clever, particularly emphasising the 'Do not correct MUM ever!"


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