07 September 2012

Success With Science

First up:  our spaghetti and marshmallow structure.  Turns out that thicker noodles support the weight of the marshmallows best.
Next:  we're pretending that our oil tanker had a massive spill.  How do we clean it up?  We used a spoon, Q-tips  and paper towels.  Each of these methods were useless/ineffective.  Until...

Two drops of dish soap.  Now a paper towel picks up the oil spill easily.  Unfortunately (as always happens with our science experiments, I think) things didn't go quite as planned.  Emperor thought he would make a nice large circular motion with the paper towel, so we were pretty much back where we started by the end of the experiment.  Whoops.  We left that part out of our workbook writeup.


  1. I like the oil spill one! That is a great way to get them thinking! Love it.

  2. Hooray for stronger noodles!
    After applying dish soap I've heard a slice of bread will also soak up the oil. Just lay it on gently, leave for a minute to soak, then lift off carefully. I haven't tried this myself, so can't verify.

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