05 September 2012

Tony Danza/ teach

Interesting show!

So Tony Danza has a degree he got years ago that qualifies him to be a teacher.  So meh.  What is the big deal with everyone asking if he's "qualified" to teach?  The district took him in and gave him a position.  So that makes him qualified right there.  Shut up.  Sounds like "I don't have a million dollars" jealousy to me.

Now you can go on and on all you like about what his inner motivations might be to make this show.  You might think that it's there to give his career a new pickup or a new direction.  Meh.  Who cares?  The school let him and the cameras in.  I'm assuming the parents of this class have also bought into this.

It's odd.  The principal is bla bla-ing to him about 'you might be a big Hollywood star but you have to respect the profession of teaching' and all that.  Sure.  But um, she's first in line to squeal all over when the whoopdee-doo Mayor's office calls the school looking for Danza.  She's first in line to accept a charity show for the school that Danza puts on. 

I am not a huge Danza fan, but I think they treated him pretty unfairly.  Here he's given huge amounts of time and effort into this school (question his motives if you will... and I do...) and the school will just eat it up and ask for more WHILE they are criticising him behind his back for not being a "real" or "qualified" or "experienced" teacher.

Fer reals?

Also.  The principal in this show is a real control freak.  School uniforms?  Why bother with that trapping when you're snapping mad half your kids can't pass a simple "five paragraph essay" assignment from Mr. Danza?  And why is she mad?  Because he's not passing everyone and magically making them excellent writers within a semester?  Seriously?  Lady, your school district SUCKS if the majority of kids (let alone the handpicked ones for the show) can't pass this milestone by tenth grade.  Mr. Danza doesn't seem too out of line to me.  Unless you're in special ed, grading ought be based on "this is what a sophomore-level English class demands."  Because that is.  A sophomore.  Level.  Class.


Poor Mr. Danza.   Really.  Even if I thought I could get a ton of money, I don't think I'd want cameras in my classroom AND some professional teacher critiquer with me every day. 

I was also surprised that there were inner-city children there who had money for spiffy uniforms, new shoes, school lunches and $300 iPads.  I have money for none of these things and I live in the burbs.  :/


  1. hmmm... He's been teaching on and off for a few years. I guess they decided to take it "reality".

    1. After skimming through the episodes, I think I am wrong about him having been teaching for a few years. I have known about this project for a few years though, so I guess it is just now getting completed and released.

    2. Yeah, 2009 to 2010 school year. Long enough ago that these "kids" are now adults. :)

  2. Since giving up regular television, I still don't feel I'm missing much. :/


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