25 October 2012

A Presidential Post

*  I'm really, really tired of political posts.  This isn't really political.  It's more along the lines of... is this really an advertisement FOR Barack Obama?  This is supposed to help millions of people think of him as being a professional who takes the responsibility of being a spokesman for our great Nation with the awesome seriousness it deserves.  I guess.  I cannot imagine showing this to my adult son and my 17-year-old.  I'm actually an undecided voter in many of the races this year but this disgusts me. 


  1. I am decided. In fact I voted, for the guy mentioned in this AD. It is about the economy and only GOD himself could have turned that mess back around in 4 years. I AM better off and getting back to where I was before this all began.


    1. I hear ya. I don't like the economy being blamed on Obama any more than Bush. The borrowing tons of money and the economy still being in the crapper is a problem tho.

      The commercial, I hope, was not personally seen/endorsed by Obama before airing. :/

  2. Wow. I mean, clever, to be sure. But... eww. It's got a certain gross-out factor built into it as well... reminds me of the line from the brilliant movie "Stranger Than Fiction" where we have an exchange like this:

    Ana Pascal: You're staring at my [breasts].
    Harold Crick: Uuh.. I wu.. I don't think I was. I don't think I would do that. If I was I can assure you, it was only as a representative of the United States Government.


    1. lol eeew!!

      The clip wouldn't really even be an "issue" for me if it weren't produced directly by the people who run the campaign, yk? Both sides have plenty of loose cannons.


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