26 October 2012

What Does It Mean?

Rose is doing preschool worksheets at home sometimes.  On this page, she's supposed to circle the thing that is "last."  Emperor is absolutely perplexed by this.  Why are there piles of leaves floating over the ducks' heads?  And why is the grass white?  And how should I know which one is last?  You can't tell these things.  Yes.  Rose can.  I never taught her this skill; she just knows which one is last.  She can also pass the "which one is different" test.  Poor Emperor cannot.  He will vociferously argue how all the things pictured could be grouped together, or separately, or it really isn't right to say that the smaller triangle doesn't belong because it certainly appears congruent to the others and ... the world is a genuinely confusing place for him sometimes.  :/

Patrick looked at this page and started laughing his head off at one of the pictures.  "It looks like these people are (disgusting activity)!"  Oh my.  It's a preschool book.  But now that he mentions it, it sure looks like (activity) is going on every time I look at the page.  Don't you hate when that happens?


  1. Could you perhaps explain it like Mama duck is leading so the last duckling in line is "Last"?
    Rose is doing very well. Finding which is last isn't something that usually needs to be taught. Most kids just pick it up, the one on the end=easy.

    1. Ah, I have explained that since they are going THIS way, here is the last duck. Perhaps I should explain the leading/following aspect then.

  2. I know you need to teach Emperor so that he can function well in so called "society" but I do love how he sees some things, like why is the grass white?
    and those 3 bushes appear to be resting on the poor duck's heads

    when I was a child I was seen as "different" and "troubled" becasue of "behavior issues" stemming from "an unstable home"
    all the quotes are NYC teachers
    I hated it and wanted nothing more than to be "normal" and "mainstream"
    when I look back at how I killed myself to fit in and how in the end all of my quotables were what made me wonderful

    hugs to all
    we're prepping for a hurricane round here

    1. And you are STILL wonderful! :)

      In Florida we prepared for hurricanes ALL THE TIME. I promise you that hurricanes never bring snow there, so hopefully they won't there either and everyone is just overly cautious...

  3. Rose is a clever wee girl, and Emperor is one SUPER CLEVER BOY for looking outside the box.
    'Activity' ... yikes!

  4. Great job, Rose!

    Sometimes thinking differently is what opens everyone else's eyes to the world. I am applying this to what Emperor said...not Patrick!!! lol ;)


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