10 October 2012

PETA Fights Cruelty to Pokemon!

Having solved the problems of all real, living animals around the globe, PETA now fights cruelty to entirely made-up animals such as Pokemon.

Pokemon aren't even virtual real animals.  No pretend dog or cat is fighting in Pokemon.  The animals, and the entire world of Pokemon, has nothing whatsoever to do with the real animal kingdom.  Real animals in our world do not evolve into entirely DIFFERENT species of animals after they gain points in a fight, and most of them do not have long nonsensical conversations that only Pokemon trainers can understand.  (The Meow Mix cat might be an exception on that last part because it's telling us to BUY MEOW MIX NOW, but I'm thinking the ad mighta been rigged a little.) 

PETA has now come out with a disturbing "Black and Blue" parody of Pokemon's "Black and White" release.  There are real animals that could use some real help from these people, and this is what they spend their time/money on.


  1. Maybe these nut cases should get a real life ... or a job even! Wow....

  2. lol... my kids have been wondering when this was going to happen!


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