24 January 2013

80,000 Kids Learning Little to No Math.

Orthodox Jewish schools in the New York City area teach little to nothing in the way of "secular" subjects like math and science.  Mayor Bloomberg (God love him!) stated recently that he isn't sure if it's his place to do anything about it.  Because he's too busy making sure no one drinks more than 21 ounces of soda at a time.  Or maybe some state department deals with that.  Well, he doesn't know. *shrug*

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz implied that doesn't really care whether little Jewish kids learn to do algebra.  I mean, just as long as they're ignorant for religious reasons.

"It’s not for me to intervene in the priorities of education of religious institutions, whether they be Catholic or Protestants or Jews or Muslims or whatever it may be in any other religion, Buddhist and Hindu," he said.

It's not for me to intervene in his choice of career, either, but I think "Marty Mark" would make an excellent name for a rap star.


It seems odd to me that the same state that literally persecutes people for failing to file paperwork just rolls over and goes "meh" about something this big. 

Why are people not caring?


  1. I was just thinking about how odd it is that everyone has to learn math that only scientists, doctors, and engineers will use throughout their careers. Meanwhile, most people can't count back change and everyone uses that.

    I do agree that you have a good point here, but I would be happier if EVERYONE learned the basics and the people who needed the rest learned that too.

    1. I swear I am becoming your personal dittohead. Though I think all the laws about who has to learn what should be scrapped because I don't like the state dictating what goes into my kids' heads.

      Call me paranoid.

  2. I wonder if NY would have the same reaction if it were a Christian school.

    People would take to math more if the people teaching it were not so clueless. Math really is a beautiful worthwhile subject, but it is hard to see that in how it's taught. Sigh.

    1. I thought the same thing... I really wouldn't care a bit if these children weren't taught math IF the parents are ok with that. But it isn't right for the law to be applied unevenly like this. Of course you can guess what religion the homeschooling parents who are persecuted in NY are.


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