09 February 2013

Congrats to Emperor!

See this?  Emperor is looking forward to not having to do these proofs every day.  He is now finished with all the graded lessons in high school Geometry and moves on to Algebra 2 on Wednesday.  I will just do a review lesson on Monday and give him Tuesday off.  He got a 90 for the first half of the year and an 89.4 for the second half, which pained me very much to round down to an 89, or a B.  It is what it is, right?  :)


  1. Wow! Well done... It is all Greek to me .. but, then, I went right from Math to Algebra.Calculus and never took geometry.
    The logic shown on the paper is vey impressive!

    Pass on my congrats re the B++++++++

  2. All Greek to me too! I am sure he is doing well though. How could he not? You are teaching him!


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