10 February 2013

New Flu Vaccine

Recently, all kinds of crazy stories about toilet-dwelling spiders that bite your butt and make you die were circulating on facebook.  (Thank you, snopes, for clearing up.  I don't need to be afraid of Olive Garden restaurant.)  So initially, when I read this story, I rolled my eyes a bit. 

There is a new flu vaccine made with insect virus!  Why is this not in the news?  It's creepy and disgusting that they are genetically modifying crap, popping it into vaccines, and passing it off on the American people!  And they are mandating these vaccines in some places.  Mandating. 

I know it's hard to believe.  I didn't believe it myself until I googled about and found it on the FDA's own website.  OK.  I get that the flu is not just nothing.  I mean, I'm watching Downton Abbey and I see people do actually die from it sometimes.  Young people, even.  I don't especially want to die either, just for the record.

I just don't know that putting genetically engineered bug gunk into our bodies is going to bode well for the human race long-term. 


  1. The things we convince ourselves are good for our bodies in the name of science can be down right terrifying.

  2. I hope it's not an oral vaccine.....

  3. I hadn't seen this yet. Thanks for pointing it out. I do believe in vaccines, but this is quite strange. I know some people are totally anti vac. and I've never understood that. My Grandmother suffered from the effects of polio she contracted in her childhood, but we must make sure the vaccines are safe.

  4. Don't worry! The FDA is a government agency, so you can trust that it's perfectly safe! ...oh, wait, nevermind. [sigh] I love technology and medical advances, but due to historical precedent, the "FDA Approved" label doesn't give me confidence. Plus, the more they interfere with people who use natural methods for getting healthy, the less happy I am with them. And don't forget: Alton Brown has a great bit about the FDA and cheese in one of his "Good Eats" shows [smile].

    I have no idea how this new vaccine fits into this (good or bad), but I've read a growing number of articles over the years that point to our "cures" often being worse than the thing they are trying protect against...


  5. Do you ever watch drug commercials? I think it's hysterical that they talk about how the drug can help you, then gloss over how the drug can hurt you. Sure, that erectile dysfunction drug does wonders, but you could literally lose your hearing.

    Needless to say, I'm not getting in line for any new vaccines or miracle drugs.

  6. I bet it is some mind controlling drug! :P I just had a discussion with my dad about not getting the vaccine anymore. The hospital give it to the zookeeper while he was knocked out on pain meds and I wasn't there to stop them. They wrote it on his chart which I made a habit of reading. ARGH!!!


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