13 February 2013

The Secret Parallel World Of Homeschoolers

Learning about how gears work.
Remember the Mirror, Mirror episode in the original Star Trek series?  Captain Kirk and the landing party are somehow transported to an Enterprise in which all the people are sadistically mean and wear pirate-y/sexy uniforms. It doesn't take long for the Spock to realize that these people don't belong because they are from a "parallel universe" in which the people he knows look much the same on the outside, but are actually radically different in their worldview.

Making "gears" out of Tinkertoys
The Ponies are watching Rose work on Letter D worksheets!
And so it is with homeschooling.  We're either a buncha weirdos jumper-dressing our girls or hanging out in our jammies all day and getting away with it because of some loophole in the law.  Steve Rose wrote recently of his encounter with the parallel universe and wrote a pretty decent article about it.  


  1. I love Rose's little ponies.
    The world is full of misconceptions about home schoolers.
    Schooling in comfy pyjamas does sound good though.

  2. Cute photos Mrs C! Ditto what River said too.


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