13 February 2013

Who Are You?

Emperor has been recruited to be on a homeschool chess team based out of St. Joseph, about an hour and 15 minutes away.  Of course we knew he'd encounter plenty of people he knows already, but there are about 50-odd people in this unfamiliar place.  One very pretty teen girl came by to say hello to Emperor.

PT:  Hi, Emperor!!

Emperor: (awkward silence) I am not sure who you are, but you know my name and so you must be familiar to me.

PT is bewildered.  Emperor has seen her a good plenty of times!  And he doesn't look too open to the hug she was about to give.

Me:  It's the hat.

PT:  (removes hat)  Do you know who I am?

Emperor:  Yes!  You are (Name).  I have played chess with you before!

PT: (puts hat on)  How about now.

Emperor:  I cannot tell it is you.

PT: (removes hat)

Emperor:  Now I know it is you again.

PT:  (puts hat on) YESSSS!  This is the perfect disguise!  (walks away)


  1. What an adorable girl! You have the best kid stories.

  2. Soon enough Emperor will learn to study the face under the hat and not just see the whole presented image. Well I hope so anyway.
    This reminds me of TV shows many years ago where a mum would get a new hairstyle and her baby wouldn't recognise her, even though everything else was the same.

  3. Why am I thinking about Clark Kent?


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