14 July 2013


Did you know only male crickets chirp? They make a lot of noise at night in the hopes of getting lucky.  We had a cricket in our house recently and it drove D nuts while he was trying to get to sleep.  He offered a $2 bounty for its capture and release out of doors, and with great teamwork, G and Elf were able to split the reward.  D looked all over for the stupid thing, but do you know where the children found it?  Hiding in the folds of a curtain.  Sneaky.


  1. I've noticed that crickets only start chirping when I'm trying to take an afternoon nap or fall asleep at night. And it sounds like there are half a dozen of the little blighters when there is only one.

    1. And they're hard to locate and stop chirping RIGHT when you get closeby. Arg.


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