22 July 2013

Homeschooling Should Be Illegal!

Crazy Comment Monday!
"I really hope you are not a liberal. I'm so tired of wussy liberals that don't have the stomach to do what is necessary.  Progressives recognize that every child raised by a parent that teaches them to be a racist, anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-gov't, or anti-social just takes us one step backward."

"We are moving the country forward, we don't have time to back up.  We must spend more money to ensure the next generation is properly educated to be contributing members of our society."

What would you say to someone who says there are certain viewpoints or attitudes that shouldn't be tolerated in a civilised society, and therefore, we should have compulsory schooling?  In light of recent news events, do you think that public education makes for a more racially tolerant and inclusive world? 


  1. I'm just not sure I understand this post. I am liberal-ish... but just like you can't paint all black people with one brush, you certainly can't paint all liberals that way either.

    1. I'm *guessing* the commenter is saying that "liberals" lack the guts to ban homeschooling but true "progressives" would be ok with doing whatever it takes to advance society.

      And on your point, I agree. I never promised Crazy Comment Monday posters made sense.

      But I do wonder how many people think that some of the development of the personal credo ought be handled by the state. That is, if "we" as a society think it is good that children are not racist, we let them play with different peers and give them stories about heroes of the "opposite" colour, and so on. Some parents would be really against that (not a lot, but hey). So should they be over-ridden?

      Commenter seems to think yeah, for the good of us all, and racist parents shouldn't hold society back by indoctrinating their kids.

      I'm not sure either way because the kids HAVE to go to the grocery store sometime, and even if they're raised by hateful parents, they can figure out that other people aren't always scary as they grow up. Same with religion. But. I can't say that often parents have a HUGE influence on kids, good and bad.

      I like my freedom, so I'm reallllly biased toward "go ahead and let the racist parents do whatever they want." But then that is not a "nice" conclusion.

      I feel stuck in my little worldview there.


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