21 July 2013

Justice for Darius Simmons

Where is the outcry for this young man from Milwaukee?  He was 13 years old and shot while he was taking empty garbage cans toward his house.  I'm dismayed and sickened that this case is not getting more attention in the news.  Darius deserves more than this, and so does his family.

Here's a beautiful story about a woman who saved children from the Nazis.  At the bottom?  Is a video of Darius being murdered by his neighbour.  It is undeniable that this young man did nothing to provoke such a vicious attack.

I want to hear why this story is in the news here, and why I'm reading this in the British papers.


  1. American can't handle two such cases... But this is what I am afraid of... more cracknuts will feel emboldened to shoot some black kid because they are suspicious of them.

  2. That is so sad.
    We have not heard of Darius here, all we are getting is about Trayvon Martin and the rallies.


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