20 July 2013

US Bureau of Labor Statistics is Stalking Me.

A letter arrived in the mail from a government agency, "requesting" information.  I ripped it up and recycled it.  Three weeks later, a "reminder" note arrived.  Also pitched.  And another about a month later.  And a new form still later.  And a reminder form, and so on and so on.  I think they spent very close to $30 in postage.  Meh, whatever.

But on Thursday, I was exiting a van in my driveway and minding my own business.  A man jumps out of his car, 1970's movie style, and corners me next to the van door.

This little old man with glasses, blue eyes and a casual business outfit flashed a badge in a little red case.  Apparently the United States Government needs my help to set the Consumer Price Index.  It's important to determine the cost of living! 

Holy crap, really?  I asked if I would be arrested or otherwise prosecuted if I refused to answer their questions.  He told me no, but - and I said, "K. Bye." and turned away until he left.  Yes.  I was rude to the Government Man.

If I disappear, you know why.  Creepy old man in an old gray Ford with a TJ Hooker complex.  Some of the people who work with G were standing nearby gaping and when he left, one said, "Well, that was one of the strangest encounters I've ever witnessed."


  1. Can't say I've ever had an experience like that.

    1. Neither had I! Even the saying, "expect the unexpected" doesn't cover this one...

  2. The only thing that REALLY bothers me about the new "look" on the blog are these stupid apostrophes. You'd think they'd bother to make them face different ways.


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