06 August 2013

It's Always a Boy, But it's Always a Surprise.

A Michigan family just had their twelfth BOY recently.  They were sorta hoping for a girl this time 'round, but they don't find out the sex of their children until they're born.  It's just as well they had another boy.  Where on earth would they put her when she got older and needed her own room?  We have a hard enough time giving Rose her own room and tripling up children in the other bedroom upstairs, and we "only" have six children.

This family looks interesting; it's too bad they don't have their own show.  Of course the comments come in about the family being "resource hogs" and the eye-rolling "here we thought hispanics had a lot of kids!"  Good golly.  Another headline on the same news site?  Is about a three-year-old wandering the streets.  The Mom (I guess there is no Dad and the child magically arrived via stork) was nowhere to be found after the child was brought to safety.  And as this has already happened twice before, they're finally taking the kid into protective custody.

But yeah.  Let's hate on the Mom with the 12 kids and the anal schedules for everything.


  1. They are wonderfully blessed. :)

  2. Twelve boys. TWELVE!
    She must have fantastic organisational skills.
    It would be a bit like that old story/movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, with the schedules and chores allocations.


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