13 October 2013

Anatomy Lesson

Woodjie can speak, but sometimes the words are all garbled up and mis-pronounced, or he'll get the tenses and pronouns all weird.  You usually know what he's trying to tell you if you know him, though.  He's autistic and hey, we're working on the speech thing, but mostly we're just glad for every word he says.  We're grateful.

Today, Woodjie informed us that his "weenie" was hungry.  After a fair bit of a "WHAT?" and some investigation, we let Woodjie know that that is in fact his "tummy."  His "tummy" is hungry.  All I could think was, I am SO GLAD he didn't go to school and tell all his little friends that his "weenie" was growling.  :/


  1. Replies
    1. You'd think, but the kid is nearly 7!! :)

  2. I probably shouldn't laugh, but that is funny.


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