31 December 2013

Pet Hospice?


People have a lot of money to spend. That was my first reaction to the idea.

But after reading an article about the subject, I figured if the families are going to be spending thousands on chemotherapy and other treatments anyway, might as well let the vet have a nice few visits, get the animal relaxed and comfortable, and the "final" visit will allow the animal to die peacefully in his own home.  Makes sense.

Not the spending thousands on doggie chemo, but maybe a more streamlined version of the hospice program, would be a more reasonable middle-class option.  A couple of visits, a really great steak dinner for the pup, and a loving good-bye. 

When our cat died, it was absolutely horrible watching her suffer for days.  We just didn't want to take her out for that stressful car ride, plunk her on that cold table and have the doc shoot her up, you know?

Right now, we're done having pets.  Emperor is allergic to dogs.  Woodjie is allergic to cats.  And I?  Am allergic to both.  I'm thinking that means it's not gonna happen.  Maybe a pet rock later.


  1. Pet rocks are fabulous! no feeding, no walking, no cleaning up after them...and they won't dig up your garden either.

  2. I've put 4 cats to sleep to date. 2 had feline leukemia, and two died of old age. I have two elderly dogs now.... well past the typical life span. I'm not paying thousands to prolong their lives in pain. Period. And as much as I love them, after they die, I am done with pets... I've had pets for the last 22 years of my life... I'm kinda over cleaning up poop.

    1. I'm so with you on that, Andrea! Just have enough kids and "poop" to deal with without that. :)


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