11 April 2014

The Kansas City Zoo!

The littles went with D, Patrick and me to the zoo today!  We bought a family pass, so look forward to seeing more pics in future posts!
D took all the pictures in this post.  This is a jellyfish.  There are several in the new penguin exhibit.  The zoo is really changing and it's so much more interesting than it was even a few years ago. 
The penguin exhibit is very neat.  You can see penguins from all sorts of angles.
Of course D had to take... this picture...

The polar bears are Woodjie's favourite!   They're right near the entrance and so they're the last thing we do before piling into the van :)


  1. Look at all the beautiful flamingos! Our Adelaide Zoo was down to two when I went earlier this year, I took photos, then a week later the oldest one died. I think he was 83. Now the remaining one is lonely so a mirror has been put in the enclosure so she thinks another bird is in there. She is also quite old.
    Your Zoo is fabulous!

  2. Your Zoo looks awesome! Our Zoo has kinda lost some of its appeal the last couple years and alot of our exhibits are now shut down or being rebuilt..

    1. Lots of things are being shut down AND rebuilt, so it will be better once the mess is cleaned up... in 20 years... I only half jest.


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