14 May 2014

"Homeschool" Torture

Six brothers from a reclusive family have been charged with sexually molesting a little four-year-old girl.  And they kept it up - with their mom's knowledge! - until another brother told authorities.  By that time?  That little girl was 16. 

Only imagine what it was like growing up in that house.  The parents had little contact with the outside world and they were "homeschooling."  One of the older children demonstrated difficulty writing his NAME when police spoke to him. 

I'm on some facebook boards that vehemently deny this sort of story has anything whatsoever to do with homeschooling, because many of the "children" charged are adults.  And how many teachers are out there giving lap dances to students and sexually abusing the kids there?

And I'd add:  besides, this abuse started when the kid was a preschooler.

All of that, though, doesn't change the fact that this poor child was kept from the outside world and tortured emotionally and physically.  And it doesn't change the fact that these "parents" used homeschooling as a tool to hide the abuse from people who would intervene.

It appears that North Carolina (where the abuse allegedly occurred) has some pretty strict laws.  The children were to be tested annually.  So the parents were likely not following the law, any more than they were following the regular ol' compulsory education laws.

Do you think changing any laws would prevent this sort of thing in the future?  I am not sure if this girl saw a doctor each year or anything like that.  It's just disgusting and horrifying that this could happen to a little child.  I do wonder what we as a society can do to prevent this sort of thing without a witch hunt.


  1. Greaaat. Now there is a HuffPo article emphasizing the family's homeschooling and about a ton of comments about how it should be illegal. Abuse never happens in schools or anything.

  2. HuffPo is so wishy-washy where homeschooling is concerned. Meanwhile, this is a horrible story. And... there little girls and boys who go to school everyday and get molested every single one of those days, and no one is the wiser. I can say that without a doubt. It's just a shame though that in this day and age, that this deranged parent was never called out on her $hit.

  3. No law will stop abuse, because if it could, there would be no abuse.
    In New Zealand we have a law that states you cannot smack your child, it's deemed abuse.
    Yet children are injured and die every day because people BREAK the law!
    Any law will and is broken simply because of human nature. And the fact that some people have no respect for LAWS.

    1. I agree... it's a crime to even THINK something bad about someone while committing another crime. They add another penalty for that. But it doesn't stop the crime.

  4. Changing laws won't prevent this sort of thing. People who would do that, will do that, no matter what the law says.
    They're a bunch of sickos. That girl will be psychologically damaged for life and the boys too. The parents are beyond saving, since they knew and did nothing.


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