14 May 2014

Potential Mafia House for Sale!

It's way back behind the barred gate.  Foreboding.  English Tudor-style.  Dark.  Decorated in what appears to be casino carpet remnants.  PERFECT for staging Godfather IV.  Six-car garage.  Must see to appreciate.  Only $140,000.  Being sold off to settle the estate of the previous Don... er, owner.


  1. Mafia house? I bet it has excellent security, as safe as Fort Knox perhaps.
    Worry about burglars wouldn't be an issue.

  2. That house is awful!
    It might be better with the carpets and all that wallpaper stripped out, but it isn't at all appealing.

    1. I thought it was super-cool in a delightfully over-the-top tacky way. Trouble is, how would you EVER decorate such a thing?? :)

    2. Gut and rebuild the interior. It's the only way.


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