02 June 2014

News Roundup!

File This Under:  Sexism Kills.

People don't take girl hurricanes as seriously as guy hurricanes.  The males must be more powerful, right?

Hoarding Cats!

It's absoluuuutely disgusting.  You know, honestly?  Even getting near one cat's litterbox is disgusting.  Even if you change the litter frequently.  Eesh, we clean our toilets every week and it's still not pleasant all the time in the bathroom.  (Was that TMI?  Too bad.)

The "Millions of Cats" book is super cute, but you'd never want to try this in real life.  Imagine having hundreds of cats.  The smell.  So many cats you can't name them all, and can't fix them all.  A hundred cats all pooping, shedding, breeding in your house.  Eeew.  

Bad enough when you want the cats.  But living next door in a duplex?  OH the poor neighbours.  They complained and guess what happened?  Guess.  

Animal control came in, took the animals, and condemned the building.  The news story gushes about the poor animals and a fund set up to care for the cats that were removed, but what about the neighbours?  Where are they living?  Not one word about helping them?  

I care plenty for animals, but how about people first?

Can You Own a Number?
Maybe.  Some guy actually was able to trademark pi!  From his lawyer's letter to Zazzle:

"Pi is a registered trademark (U.S. Reg. No. 4473631) of our client's business, Paul Ingrisano/PI Productions Corp., and is used in conjunction with goods under International Class 25... this trademark provides him with certain proprietary rights... it is important that Ingrisano exercise his right to protect his trademark.  It serves as an important and distinctive representation of the origin of his products as well as the goodwill of his company."  

This affects perhaps thousands of products in Zazzle's stores alone.  Apparently Zazzle is gonna defy this one.  Many people are pretty miffed that commonly used symbols and even COLOURS are being trademarked.  

"I didn't know you could do this!" remarked a friend recently.  "I am going to go trademark the integration symbol and then sue all physicists. I would trademark all Greek letters and then sue Greece, but they don't have any money."



  1. Our council allows you to own 4 cats and they have to be desexed both male and female, but not everyone does that.

    1. It is two dogs here, and I forget how many cats. Shame we have to get so anal and number everything... but stuff like this is why.

      NOT that she was following rules anyhoo...


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