20 June 2014

Pelletier Family to Sue State for Abduction

"They tried to gag me, to prevent me from telling what was going on. Can you imagine what would have happened to Justina if I hadn’t gone public?" -- Lou Pelletier.

Justina was kept from her parents' custody for 16 months after Boston Children's Hospital disagreed with another hospital's diagnosis and treatment regimen.  For most of that time, family members were unable to visit or have contact outside an hour-a-week window.

Hopefully after the outcry this case generated, social workers in Massachusetts and other states will think twice before seizing a child simply because parents disagree with a course of treatment, and want to use the recommendations of another doctor or hospital.  For more background on Justina's case, click here.


  1. I read the whole story and I'm amazed that this happened but lets hope it doesn't happen again, sometimes parents have no power .


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