24 June 2014

Saved by a Four-Year-Old!

A black man who lives next door almost went to jail for a faked "home invasion" orchestrated by the babysitter.  If she were much younger, the four-year-old wouldn't have been able to tell police they had the wrong man.

What is it with some of these stories?  Faked crimes always seem to be perpetrated by random black men.  I guess because that technique works, and who even knows how often?

Anyway.  Very cute little girl.  I'm glad she has her Hello Kitty bank and her iPod back, and the real bad guys are going to jail.  :)


  1. That is sad...thank God for the child. Makes you wonder how many times that happened in the past!

  2. She is a little cutie. Four year olds are so very much smarter than a lot of people think.
    Irrelevant, but I love that hanging basket of pink and purple flowers by the door of the neighbours home.

    1. I thought the same thing when I was watching!

  3. If everyone's race was reversed, the next door neighbor would not have been a suspect. Sad. But true.


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