26 January 2015

Losing Your Wife to the Bill Collector. Literally.

Now, bill collectors don't just go after your house or your assets, or unleash flying monkeys to make annoying phone calls at all hours.  Now?  They take your loved ones away from you by filing guardianship papers in court.

“It’s a strategic move to intimidate,” the New York Times reports.  “Nursing homes do it just to bring money.”

That's right.  Incapacitated people in nursing homes, even those regularly visited by loved ones, are targeted when the bills are past due with this legal procedure.  And the guardianship process is not one that you read about in the local paper.  Families spend large sums fighting the guardianship process or simply selling everything they have and paying these people off. 

I wonder if having a guardian when entering the nursing home wouldn't be a strategic move to use in the future.  I would hate to think that someone - even a beloved family member - has to have control over your finances and everything else in order to prevent kidnapping via bill collection.

Read the stories in the article.  They're heartbreaking. 


  1. Yes, by all means set up guardianship before entering a nursing home AND never enter one that has a history of doing this to anyone. Do the research.

  2. Oh yes! Definitely set up a guardianship before going into a home.
    I hope to never go into a home. surely one of my kids will have me?
    There's four of them, perhaps they could share me around.....


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