22 January 2015

Throwing Things Into a Blender.

I know there are a zillion "smoothie" recipes online, but I find myself using whatever's on hand.  Sometimes it's carrot juice, as you see here.  On other days I might get some of the probiotic foo-foo whatever yogurt thing I have in the fridge.  Throw in some fruit, such as apples, bananas or kiwis.  Blend.  Yay.  I try to get my veggies in every day.  How are you doing with healthy eating so far this year?


  1. HAHAHAAAAAA> LOVE this post. So REAL. I get sick of all these perfect sites with their perfect lives! Just throw it in the blender! Whatever it is! Yay!

    1. Thanks! I do this mostly because I always run out of a "key" ingredient. If I waited for things to be perfect in my life, I'd never get 'round to living it, right? :)

  2. Things to throw in a blender: ice, raspberries, a splash of vodka.
    Healthy eating? What's that?
    My blender fruits are usually pineapple, watermelon and rockmelon.
    Sometimes apple, watermelon and strawberries.
    I rarely add yoghurt. I just eat that.

  3. I've started keeping protein powder and super greens powder on hand to put in my blender. Everything else is a crap-shoot. Im pretty proud that I make a smoothie at least 4 mornings a week.


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