18 March 2015

Some Pictures.

Instead of throwing away my eggs from *January,* I left 'em in the fridge in a separate bowl.  Boiled them and let the kids decorate them and hide them outside. 

We never did find them all.  Maybe our handy yardwork guy (aka Dad) will see them later.

The realities of sharing a room.  When you want to stay up late and giggle about your Star Wars book, you have to sit in the hallway in your jammies.
Say hi to the Elf!  It's been a while since he allowed me to take his picture, but this time, he probably figures he owes me one.  Several calls to the plumber over what should have been an easy fix have been going on of late.  Finally, much panic happened downstairs as the older children were "fixing" the toilet themselves and knocked over the toilet tank lid.  I'm just glad no one was hurt, although with no lid, our downstairs toilet does look kinda... trashy.  Works now, though. :) 


  1. Consider it a convertible toilet! Love the pics, they are getting so grown up!!

  2. ((hugs)) yayyy you're on the blog-o-sphere again!

  3. A ceramic toilet lid? I haven't seen one of those in yonks. Our are all plastic here in Aus.
    Okay, maybe only the ones I know are plastic, probably someone somewhere has a ceramic lid.

    1. Really?? I don't think I've seen a plastic one, ever. These weigh about 15 pounds, and he seriously could have broken his foot with the thing!


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