10 April 2015

Here's An Easy And Fun Craft!


I bought a 100-pack of hair clips from Amazon for less than $5.  Got a glue gun and some buttons, sequins and fake coins.  The children arranged the buttons and other items and we just popped them on.  (I operated the glue gun.) They've been happily arranging the clips for a good part of the afternoon. 

Woodjie wanted a clip for his "man doll," so we went for the fake coin look and put the hairclip on the doll's pants.  Woodjie says that this means the man is very rich, upon which Rose said, "Hey!  Let's make our dollies get married now!"

Poor man doll didn't have a chance at the single life.


  1. I remember doing a similar thing in school, with buttons shaped like flowers or stars or little ducks etc. We used a type of super glue, I think it was model plane adhesive, several of the kids painted their fingers and palms with it, then peeled off the glue in big sections when it was dry.

    1. I used a HOT glue gun, but I remember something similar. Maybe the rubber cement stuff?

  2. I made barrettes from real coins once... and they were great...then I went outside on a hot day and all the money fell off! (downside of hot glue) Seemed like great idea though.


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