02 December 2015

Another "Homeschool" Murder

This time, Dad allegedly killed the kiddo and fed his body to their pigs.  After keeping this tiny boy in the basement for like, ever.  Somehow despite several calls to CPS from various sources, no one took this little guy and his siblings away or even did a thorough investigation.  Investigators are picking through bones and God only knows what other evidence and telling family members not to yap to the media.

Presumably this is because they are going to have a jury trial later.  I can't imagine why else it would hinder an investigation...

I have a lot of questions.  One is why they'd hire babysitters who would (I should imagine) witness symptoms of abuse, but not send children to school for the free babysitting.  I mean... I'm assuming from the whole "beating and murdering" thing that maybe doing their own childcare was just too much.  Why not farm it out eight hours every weekday for absolutely free?  Or... if they are "homeschooling" specifically to hide the great joy they get in beating and/ or murdering kids, why hire a babysitter? 

Help me out here.

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