06 December 2015

Holiday Gifts for the Homeschool Teacher!

Merrymaking hint:  leave this post up on your phone/ computer for your family to "accidentally" find!  Let the magic begin!

 All teachers love a little appreciation every now and then, including homeschoolers.   I don't know about you, though, but I don't want any apple crap.  So first rule:  no apple crap! 

Otherwise I'm pretty open.  I love getting gifts, even if it's just something small or simple.  One thing I love is when my children want to help out and make lunch or clean up or put their laundry away.  Or just behave themselves and get their math done.  This is a really big thing when you think about it.  

And from the adults in my life, the gift of coffee always shows love - or rather, someone not wanting an "I need coffee" emergency in the middle of winter after a big snowstorm.  Somehow, I always have a lot of coffee in my pantry during the winter months.  (Guess why.) Thanks, D! 

My gallery of homeschool appreciation pics:

Helping with lunch.

You could also get your favourite homeschool teacher some Polish pottery.  It is a scientifically proven fact that you can never have too much of this stuff. 
For those of you who are great at recon missions and stealth and the like, you could figure out which curriculum your homeschool teacher has been thinking about for ages, but hasn't gotten yet b/c it's too expensive.  And then buy it.  *Caveat:  check first if you're even the teensiest bit unsure... but I promise... this is really a super-nice gift that will be appreciated.  Even if it will be used on the children.  That's just how homeschool moms (and a few great dads!) are wired.

This is awesome.  There's nothing a I love more than a note like this.  Lookit this writing assignment from Woodjie.  His fave thing is to hang out with meee! 


  1. This is an awesome post! Love Rose's smile! The Polish pottery reminds me of some of the pottery/glasswork for sale at the Czech and Slovak Museum gift shop in Cedar Rapids.

    1. I like glasswork, too, but it's not as practical as the pottery!

  2. Great ideas and I'd be framing that note!


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