07 December 2015

Mom Knows You Don't Have a Dog

My teens are off in public school at least part of the day.  It's sooo different and there are many items to cart back and forth.  At home?  All your pencils are in the pencil case, there's the computer and all your books get popped right back on the shelf when you're done for the day.  It's almost impossible to lose an assignment and when/if you do?  Mom knows you don't have a dog.  Go redo it on your free time. 

Elf had to lose his iPad and all the joys of life for a time recently.  He fell behind on turning in his assignments and keeping his stuff together for class.  It's so much harder when you're in "real" school. 

It led me to think of all the steps that make for successful school projects:

1.  Pay attention in the first place when the teacher gives the assignment.
2.  Understand what the teacher wants.
3.  Make notes about what the teacher wants.
4.  Oh!  And be sure to write down when it's due.
5.  Remember to look at the notes.
6.  Start on stuff in a timely manner.
7.  Remember to pack your completed work in your backpack.
8.  Remember to not only hand it in, but "done well" and "on time."


Elf has an IEP that I was thinking about ditching.  Nope.  He's still going to need a bit of "triage" (read: professional nagging from someone other than Mom) and help with his "organizational skills."  He is a hard worker but misplaces and forgets things.  His teachers think he is the greatest thing, though.  Without exception - and unprompted - every last one of them told me how polite and well-mannered he is during the last parent-teacher conferences.  Some even said they wished every child were just. like. Elf.

(I think in real-life if that happened, the teacher would have to rework things so that all assignments were done in class.)


  1. Glad to hear Elf is a good student. We all make mistakes and forget things once in awhile unfortunately!

  2. I'm sure his organisational skill will improve over time. It is frustrating though to misplace or forget things, probably more for you than Elf?

    1. IEP = individualized education program. Basically special ed. Except Elf is getting special ed help in mostly honours courses. Just b/c he's smart doesn't make his autism go away. :)


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