22 February 2016

Crawling Back.

Really, these last two weeks have been awful.

It all began when Patrick came home quite ill after spending a long, hard day touching everyone's food at the local shop where he works (I knowww).  You know it's bad when he gets home early and literally, literally spends the next two and a half days on the floor sleeping except for potty and food breaks.  It just wiped him out.

Then Woodjie turned a bit whiter than usual and complained of headache.  Next, Rose and I both came down with things at the same time.  Most of the time I'd be lying in bed, only getting up to serve such wonders as "cheese sandwich and water" or "Pop-Tart, choice of strawberry or brown sugar" before telling the children to stack their plates on the counter when they're done...and rolling back into bed.

Rose got bad enough that she had to see the doctor for dehydration and nausea meds.  She nearly had to go to hospital for dehydration.  I knew I should have brought her in earlier but juuust couldn't.

Then D caught it and missed two days of work.  But guess what?  Emperor and Elf never really got anything but a slight cough.  Doesn't bother them at all.

Weird, huh?

But oh!  My parenting is not what it could be.  Now the little kids are used to being able to play pretty much all day and use all the electronic devices while Mom rests.  I'm still only up to maybe quarter-days... not even half-days yet.  I sleep in forever and then when I get up I wander about forgetting things and wanting naps.  Thankfully I didn't have the vomit thing (I can't stand that!) but I sure did have headaches, achiness and tiredness and a bit of a fever. 

Elf thought I was really mean, not letting him visit our elderly neighbour last week.  Can you imagine my nerve?  He called her to express his outrage and apologize that his MOM wouldn't let him leave (you know that voice) and would you believe she didn't want him over either after she asked what on earth possessed me to forbid him?  Yeah.

Well, here's what I've been up to:  playing Trizzle.  That's about it.  Oh.  And catching up on laundry.

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  1. The sick is very much going around. Hope you are all healthy again soon!



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