22 April 2016

Fun Stuff!

 We went roller-skating last Tuesday and I think this may be a regular thing for the kids.  I bought them some elbow and knee pads and a helmet, though. Woodjie lands HARD.

We also went to the homeschool convention and honestly?  Meh.  Not much there of interest.  I was really disappointed but not surprised.  Rose really wanted to go this year, so we did.  We wound up ordering our stuff from Rainbow Resource Center because their stuff is the same price online as at their booth, but they don't charge tax online and shipping is free over $50. 

Rose wants this Egyptian Mummy kit.  I don't know why but she thinks it would be fun to dig him up and stuff.  Woodjie's request was for an art book about dragons. 


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    1. They have some crazy fast skaters! Thankfully not too many of them last night. The first lesson they gave in skate school is that when you fall down, move your hands so they don't get run over!

  2. At Rose's age my youngest got something similar; an archaeological dinosaur dig kit. He loved it and still loves everything archaeological, especially if it's Egyptian. He's 35 now.

    1. Really? I think lots of people enjoy this idea of finding out something secret or buried about the past. And imagine really seeing the pyramids and stuff. :)


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