30 April 2016

Information, Please.

Woodjie was very reluctant to try pasta.  He decided he HATES it after one bite. 

"But it has the same ingredients as pizza!" I declared.  "It has wheat and sauce.  The only thing missing is cheese!"

Out comes the mozzarella to appease him.  I also gave Woodjie the box and told him that there was a lot of information allll about the pasta on the box.  He read the ingredients and the blurb about how this pasta is the best ever, glanced at the recipes, all that stuff.  It's still not his fave thing but he's managing. 

PS.  Yes, I had Woodjie remove his shirt at the dinner table because sauce stains and he's still on the little side of being a big kid.  :)


  1. I do hope Woodjie gets used to past, it's one of my favourite foods. Pick an old shirt that still fits and label it pasta shirt, he can wear it every time there is likely to be spillage and many stains will make it interesting. Choose one that Woodjie only wears around the house.

    1. Great idea! We have a couple of old T's that would fit the bill. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Really? I thought it was nothing but bran and fish heads now!

  3. Good stuff Pasta, look at the Italians.
    Sometimes I think I should eat in the nude as I'm always dropping food on my clothes.

  4. This post reminded me of the Heart and Brain comic about Salad: http://theawkwardyeti.com/comic/salad/ [smile]

    I can't do much pasta these days, being one of those gluten free types, but I do love me some pasta and pizza (and, yes, they are very similar [grin])!


    1. I've tried the GF pizza at Pizza Hut and it's not bad actually! I have no clue how one could do pasta well, tho'.


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