28 November 2016

Sweet Sugar-N-P'napple Ham

Ready to cook!

I used a standard plastic bag of brown sugar from the grocery, a standard can of pineapple slices and about 3/4 cup of honey.  Half the sugar goes in first, then the ham in pieces.  Next I put the honey over the top and pineapple round the sides and a bit on top.  Last?  Covered with the rest of the sugar and cooked on low for about four hours.  I had four and a half pounds of ham, so perhaps your time might vary a bit.  It's really quite good.
After four hours.  Delightful!

25 November 2016

Supplementing Your Math Curriculum

Right now we're working on adding decimals in our fourth grade math program.  My children understand this concept of tenths and hundredths because they've worked with small amounts of money, but if a number is written .3 rather than .30, they'll sometimes get confused.  I'd been making up random numbers to pop into worksheets until I got an email alerting me to the dadsworksheets.com website.  (Yes, it's free!)  It didn't take much digging for me to find the decimal addition and subtraction worksheets already made up for me.  Yay!

The only caveat I would pop in here is that "fourth grade math" can vary by curriculum, so I can't just pop onto the "fourth grade math" tab on the sidebar and get started that way.  We aren't using any negative numbers whatsoever in fourth grade, but we're working with decimals, fractions and geometric problems extensively.

24 November 2016

Go Back Where You Came From.

By now you've seen the video of 200-odd people whipped up in some nutty frenzy, thinking that Donald Trump is gonna usher in some white Utopia for the "children of the sun" and all that.  Even more wacky than seeing 200 actual Americans popping up a Nazi salute is noticing that not all of 'em are white. 

I mean, not to be racist in thinking someone doesn't belong somewhere because of their race, but... I think non-white people reallllly don't belong at Nazi type rallies because of their race? 

Not that I get to decide these things?

Ok, crazy world.  Anyway, I'm hearing from some folks that non-white people are even being told to go back where they came from.  Maybe it's a really small number of people but it only takes one to really sour you on how you feel about your place in the world if you're already feeling anxious. 

Personally, I find the idea of having to go back where I came from absolutely horrific.  That would mean moving to Cleveland! 

Or if they mean "ethnically" where I came from I'd have to sprinkle about 35 percent of myself in Ireland and the rest all over Europe and some "less than one percent" will belong all the way over in Asia somewhere.  It would be sort of messy.

22 November 2016

"Pink" Drug So Deadly, Touching Can Kill You

At least 46 people have died and perhaps the number is far higher.  Fox4kc reports that the drug is hard to detect in an autopsy and just touching it can kill you.

What is this?  Why have we not heard more about it in school flyers?  Wouldn't something this deadly lead to weirdos spreading this on store shelves or something for kicks?  Do we need to wash all our food when it comes into the house?

I hate stories like this that don't tell me exactly how much I should freak out.

21 November 2016

Hipster Nativity Set

The three wise men arrive on segues and carry Amazon Prime boxes for baby Jesus.  For only $129.99, you can have the entire set which also features a gluten-free fed, 100 % organic resin cow, selfie Mary and Joseph and a sweater-wearing sheep with his nerdy shepherd. 

Baby Jesus kinda looks traditional, though.  Guess He's timeless.

18 November 2016

Not Much Going on Here. AT ALL.

So pretty soon here (I hope!) we'll be getting some new windows and siding on our house.  Yep, Hardie board stuff.  But our house is partially brick on a cement foundation, so I'd been painting the foundation and some trim and bla bla bla in coordinating colours, so that when the siding goes up it all looks ok.

I don't know how painters live through their training and become old painters, because I've injured myself doing this.  First off, there's a ton of scrubbing and scraping to be done, carrying of stuff back and forth and all the weird ways one must contort one's body for hours at a time to do the job well.

Rose followed a magnetic mosaic pattern on this art project.

And keep in mind, I'm only doing the foundation bits!  I'm not standing on ladders or scaffolding or anything really crazy even.  But somehow I've managed to injure myself so badly that I've had to go to the emergency room for the pain.  They think it's a rotator cuff injury maybe, they don't know for sure except nothing is broken.  Sent me  home with a prescription for like, 10 measly pain pills and a "hope that works!"

Well.  I don't find that adequate medical care, really, but things were so dreadful youbetya I filled the prescription at 4:58 on a Monday morning and stopped in at the donut shop next to the pharmacy when it opened at 5 to get the kiddos a dozen donuts and a free coffee for me.  (I don't know why but there are some stores that give out free coffee on Mondays if you're buying a buncha stuff.  I needed the coffee anyway and the kids like donuts, right?)

Then I followed up with my family physician in the hopes of REAL medical care.  He made the doctor in training do all the paperwork and listening and then he came in and just poked me in the general vicinity of my shoulder only one time and - based on my unfortunate reaction - declared the whole area so bad off that he couldn't even test where the swelling was!  So.  Steroids and crap and I don't know what else has been prescribed.  I have a drug schedule and a follow-up appointment and yes, I will time the meds so that I will just cringe through however long it takes and not do any dope-driving.

So anyway, if it turns out there are weird unpainted patches on the back of the house this winter, I've just decided it's looking "good enough," ok?  I'm done until spring or rather?  Patrick is gonna take over in the spring.

OH.  The x-rays I got at the hospital show I have some pretty bad arthritis.  I sort of felt like I had it for several years now but then I rationalised that I was too young and so on.  Nope.  I have arthritis and it shows up on x-rays from the neck down.  Yippeee!

Woodjie HATES art but humoured me anyway to make me happy.  He loves me bunches. :)

Anyway... all that to say?  Right now, I'm hanging out at home and not driving anywhere.  Also I hate prednisone.  At this rate of weight gain on that drug?  I will have my own "slobby and staying in bed/ strangers must wipe my bottom when I poo" TV series in about a year.  It's discouragin', folks.  Hopefully I bounce back pretty soon but meanwhile I am doing all sorts of non-cooking activities at home with the little homeschoolers.  Every art project that's been lying dormant for a while and just about every book is getting a good going over because why not.

This week I got a jury summons also!  I hope they buy, "I'm not sure if I will be able to drive by mid-December and also I'm homeschooling a disabled kid" as an excuse but if not, maybe I will have to show up all doped up and do the best I can with impaired judgement and all that.  I hope not for the defendant's sake but I'm not going to jail for failure to appear on top of all this going on, thanks.

I'm wanting to enjoy my new siding when-ever it comes in and gets popped up on my house and I can't do that from prison.

Oh well, I'll keep you posted.  Please mentally correct any grammar mistakes and incoherence in this post as it was written in a pretty cheerful but rather impaired state - thanks.  xx

12 November 2016

Travel While You Still Can!

Royal Jordanian Airlines is probably not the only business that was banking on a Clinton win hours before the election. Now to read it, it seems like one of those jokes that is "too soon."

11 November 2016

Veterans Day

Remembering my grandfather, James Barron, on Veterans Day.  He served at the Pentagon with the War Production Board during WWII. 

10 November 2016

The Living Room is NOT for Living In.

A mother posted a note indicating that the living room was NOT to be used until Thanksgiving.  It's been shared about a billion times on Twitter and on the news sites, but I don't see what's so unusual about this.  Growing up, we had an entire living room we weren't allowed to enter except on Thanksgiving, Christmas or "very important person visiting" occasions. The thing that is odd about the tape and the note is that such things have to be explained. We just KNEW that the room was not to be entered. No note required.

It would be nice if we had a few extra rooms to cordon off in my own home today, but I'm not that organised and/or I don't live in a large enough house considering the number of children here.

09 November 2016

So, We Had an Election...

You know Trump was most certainly NOT my first choice as a presidential candidate.  That being said, I'm quite relieved (happy, even!) that Mrs. Clinton is not going to be our first female president.  Eight years of Obama and friends was quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

I shouldn't be, but I'm really VERY surprised by the immature and (dare I say?) hateful behaviour of many of my liberal friends toward anyone and everyone who would vote for Trump.  For my part, I would never assume any of my liberal friends who voted for Clinton really thought she was all that great, and I most certainly would never ascribe every word she says and every character attribute she has to them had she won. Yet that's precisely what I see many of my (perhaps former) liberal friends doing with Trump and his supporters. 

Whatever happened to taking the high road and losing gracefully?  I'm pleasantly surprised to see that that is exactly how Mrs. Clinton and President Obama are behaving, with class and dignity.

Just so you know, it's my blog.  You already know exactly how I feel about Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, so no political comments on this post please.  Not here and not today.  Today, please say something kind or say nothing because I will delete any rancorous comments or... well?  Anything I feel even might stir up drama... thanks for respecting all your fellow commenters.  God bless xx

Brave Girls 365-Day Devotional

I wanted to get The Brave Girls 365-Day Devotional from Tommy Nelson for my eight-year-old daughter Rose's Christmas.  It's just such a cute little powder pink book with sweet girly characters that I know she'll just love it.  This book is a hardcover with over 400 pages, but it's friendly and casual reading. 

I like that each of the Brave Girls characters are from very different family situations and ethnicities, but all of them are learning to be kind to one another and serve God just as they are.  One is even homeschooled!  Naturally, this is the kiddo who has the most trouble with going along with the crowd.  (Hey, as a mom?  I get why her mom thinks homeschooling is best for that child.)

I've also enjoyed reading the "Prayer Pointers" included with each day's devotional.  That's exactly what they are - pointers or things to consider thinking and praying about.  The book gives a sense of direction without smothering.  No one girl is presented as the "good" or "bad" child - we all of us struggle to do the right thing sometimes.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

01 November 2016

Just Humour Me and Read This, OK?

I want you to do something.  Go take a look around your house.  Do you have a working smoke detector near your kitchen?  Do you have one near the sleeping areas of the house and at least one on each floor?  I'm asking this because I'm seeing folks who do NOT.  And it gets me worried.  So I'm blogging.

And please would you check on your elderly friends and relatives?  Maybe even be a little nosy. We're dealing with some elderly folks who forgot that they had over 200 pounds of ammunition and a bunch of butane lying around.  Not even kidding.  I'm all for "live free or die" and all that but please don't take that too literally and bring the whole 'hood with ya.  (Yeah, it's been dealt with... but sheesh).

I just received this fire safety guide in my email a few weeks back from ConsumerSafety.org and thought I would share it with you. Another thing I've found very helpful are the talks our local fire department gives in the community from time to time.  Your fire department may help you with fire prevention and often, they give smoke detectors for free or reduced cost to people in need.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as usual... we've been dealing with stuff don'cha know.

Woodjie's Roller Dance Routine!

Only a few people were selected to perform their routines at a recent club fundraiser.  I went to upload this video and was pretty shocked...