16 February 2017

Reading: Charlotte's Web Workbook From Memoria Press

We have two workbooks of slightly different colours; it must be that they changed the covers a bit but the content is the same in both.

What I love about the workbooks from Memoria Press is the wide range of exercises that help the children learn using classic books.  Pictured you'll see a "storyboard" Rose completed recently after putting the story items in order.  This book also features vocabulary exercises, crosswords and optional activities. 

These pictures are sooo cute!

The best part about these workbooks would be the discussion questions and background information about the time period and rural location in which the book is set.  The children understand much more about the book and the characters as a result of the discussions and the information in the appendix.
Sample page after completion.  We're working on writing sentences to answer the questions occasionally.


  1. I've never seen the Charlotte's Web movie, the advertisements were enough.


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