15 February 2017

Poor Elfie

He's been very sick.  He's asthmatic, so a simple cold will affect him very badly.  He's bark-coughing and having a bit of trouble breathing. He went to school as normal yesterday and instead of calling home when he began to feel poorly, he decided he'd not only stay in school, but do super bunches of exercise in PE class.  Oh!  And not bother to tell his gym teacher he has asthma.  Oh!  And continue exercising when he was having tightness in the chest.

Yeah, I found that out today after I forced Sir Barksalot to go to the doctor and they grilled him.  You betya that coach got a "please look after my elf" email and there is now an "asthma action plan" in place at the school.

At this age?  The "action plan" is that he's almost an adult and needs to jolly well carry around his own inhaler.  He'll be going back to school tomorrow even though he sounds like death (or very-near-death, I should say).  Apparently after a day on antibiotics, whatever one has is not contagious, but the physician would like Elf to visit our elderly neighbour on Friday instead of Thursday just to be on the super-safe side.

And now we've been instructed that Elf WILL NOT go off his medications, even when he feels well.  We'll see how complaint this little old man is.  I think he took all the "exercise is good for your body and you should not take any drugs" talks a little too seriously.  There are some times when exercise is very bad for you, and tellya what, if a competent doctor gives you medicine you need to take it regularly.

The end.


  1. I'm sorry to hear Elf isn't well, asthma is a tricky thing to handle if you don't take your medication and overdo the exercise. I have my asthma plan stuck up on my bathroom door.

    1. It is hard to get better once you're stuck. Thing is, he has a "normal" life and then BAM it's a cold or something. We need to get used to not letting up and taking it seriously.

  2. Sending prayers and good wishes for a quick recovery! This does not sound like fun.

    1. Thanks, Bethany! The kid sounds terrible but at least he has some help. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dad! He's even worse this morning but off to school he goes...


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