12 September 2017

History/ Geography

We're doing Alpha Omega LIFEPAC's History and Geography.  This is the third grade set.  Yes, it's easy and has a cartoon bumble-bee explaining everything for you.  Even so, it seems like quite a bit of material for children to absorb.  If you're unfamiliar with LIFEPACs, there are ten workbooks to a set that is meant to last a full school year.  Because the children are in fifth and fourth grades, it will not take us nearly that long to complete.

I've also gotten flash cards so that the children can know at least most of the states' capitals and some other countries' as well.


  1. Boise is a capital? Where's my atlas...well there you go. I knew it was in Idaho and there's another Boise City in Oklahoma according to my Atlas.

    1. Yes - children here often memorise all 50 states and capitals. Knowing Boise is in Idaho for someone so far away/ disconnected from the US is actually pretty impressive, really.

  2. In primary grade flash cards are great help .
    you sound to do a wonderful job my friend


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