15 September 2017

How to Pronounce Place Names

These are the cities of D'Moin, Boy-zee and Shy Ann.


Ignore that second C.  Con-et-ih-cut.

Controversy time!  Miz-zour-ee or Miz-zour-ah.  Depends largely on whether you are native to the state and/or rural.  The second pronunciation is more local and paraded out by politicians at election time.  But when speaking in Washington, DC, it's magically time for them to say Miz-zour-ee. True story.  Can you tell we're working on "place name pronunication" in our homeschool this week?


  1. I'm pleased I've been pronouncing all of those correctly, must be all those movies I watch.
    I did watch an old John Wayne movie two days ago where John Wayne pronounced it Mizzourah.

    1. Awesome! You even knew about Mizzourah! You win the internet this week - I'm so impressed! :)


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