27 December 2007

And Now, It's Time For Bed.

Well, for those of us who are able to sleep in beds. Baby J will NOT sleep in a pen. He will freak out, quite literally. He is extremely frightened of being alone. I have noticed this quality in him since he was a few months old and attributed it to his having so many brothers and always having someone around. No, he's really scared of being alone. He can't STAND solitude. He MUST be able to touch someone at all times. Frankly D and I are getting worried about him, especially in light of the fact that we already have two children diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. J gets so scared and upset at being alone that D has gone ahead and purchased a super-big blanket. He folds this in half and puts it on the floor in the safe, gated area. Then he sleeps on this with baby J and his other blankets. "Making the bed" in the morning consists of the older boys rumpling up this arrangement and throwing it on a chair in the corner where we keep our toddler picnic table (J keeps standing and jumping off this, so it's not used right now) and our little trampoline. J is a strange sleeper, too. He literally crawls in his sleep. In little circles. I'm not kidding. This child is the strangest sleeper I've ever seen. I can't wait until he gets a little common sense... hopefully then we will be able to convince him that a toddler bed would be a *great* idea.

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