29 January 2008

Let's Help Lana Out! Please Comment.

Lana just wrote a comment on a recent post about homeschooling:

Hi! My husband and I are thinking seriously about homeschooling our daughter (5th grade). I work as a marine police officer (busy summers) and he is a deputy sheriff. We both work weekends. Our off days are in the middle of the week. I make my own schedule -my job includes alot of evening work. He basically works 4 to 12. Do you think this is something we are capable of doing? Lana

Can we all help her out? Please leave a comment and a link, if applicable, about how you homeschool, why you homeschool, or whatever you think will be helpful. And if you dislike homeschooling or think it's not a good idea, please leave YOUR comment and links as well. I'd like Lana to have all the information she needs from us (and other sources!) to make the best decision for HER family. I will re-appear in the next couple days to post MY comment after you have all had your say.

Thanks, guys!


  1. I think if one of you is with for at least a four hour period it is definitely doable. You can hit all the main things like math, reading, english, etc. Make sure she understands the concept being presented and move on to the next thing. She could finish the rest of the worksheets with the babysitter, just like homework she would have now from public schools.
    You would be amazed at how much you can accomplish with one-on-one time in a short amount of time.
    You could also check out books, videos, etc. from the library on things you are studying and have her read and write on those while you are away. Hope this helps you some.

  2. I guess my *first* question wouldn't be about the parents but the child. Does she want to homeschool? As a fifth grader, she could really make things difficult if she is adamant about not making the switch. On the other hand, I know moms who threaten their children with public school if they don't do all their work each day, and that's a motivator. One good thing about being in fifth grade is that your daughter is no longer so small that she can't be alone if she needs to be, but not so old that the stakes are higher when you're first starting out and ironing out kinks in your system.

    I'd also want to be sure you're doing it legally so you don't get into trouble. Check out the HSLDA website (link on left) and make sure the state you live in has rules you can really deal with.

    The thing about public school, fortunately or not, is that it's always there if you "need" it as a backup. I'd recommend going for homeschooling over the summer if you wish, and by the time the other kids go back to school, it might be time to take a week or two off to congratulate yourselves on a good job well-started!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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