22 February 2008

The Adventures of Flat Stanley in Florida

The Flat Stanleys have arrived safely in Florida. Nana and Grandpa are showing them around the retirement community where they live. First, the Stanleys were involved in community service and attended a CERT meeting. CERT is an organization that helps in disasters so that police, fire and other responders are not overwhelmed. (Nana is a volunteer EMT and Grandpa is an amateur ham radio operator. Grandpa got to help victims of Hurricane Katrina find relatives when other forms of communication were knocked out. Nana volunteers constantly on the local ambulance squad.) Next, it was time to meet the other residents in their home. Princess the cat (white) deigned to have her photograph taken with the Stanleys. Trouble the cat has introduced them to the concept of "naps." Pongo took a little time getting used to the visitors, but finally played a game of tag with the Stanleys. Grandpa tells us that more adventures are forthcoming. He's the fellow in the red shirt and yellow hat in the top picture.

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  1. I just love this concept!!
    Cant wait for Flat Stanley to visit us!!!


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