24 June 2008

Islamic Dress?

Maybe it isn't always what you think. I've been browsing this post and I'd like to share it with you. It's about a wedding and how people dress in an Islamic country. Not all Muslims (obviously) wear the full-length black burqua, but these dresses look modest and showy (it's a wedding, showy's ok!) and beautiful. Not something I could afford to wear, but the bright colours and looseness almost remind me of an Indian sari. BTW, did you know that a sari is not really a dress? It looks like a dress, but it's really just one HUGE cloth that you wrap around yourself just-so. I know this because when we lived in Australia the vice-consulate's family lived across the street from us. They were always having parties and serving yummy foods, and I got to come to some of them because I was best friends with their daughter. Some of the foods I could not eat because they were TOO spicy. But there was never any meat in them. Yet the children were well-nourished and the foods appeared well-balanced. The news stories about vegetarians and what-not starving their children ... well, it doesn't have to be that way if you know what you're doing. Anyway, I enjoy looking at this blog and others and am learning about other people in faraway places.

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