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This is Real and Not For Play

Are you goin' vote Obama way? I saw this video and I'm not sure if this is REALLY a supporting-Obama-type video. I mean, ALMOST every bad stereotype about black people you could ever think of is in this video. The rap music. The silly clothes and jewelry. The skankily-attired females. The men with their twitchy hand moves. Grammatical constructs such as, "We hood. We votin'." Missing are some of the "older" stereotypes like fried chicken, watermelon and blackface. It would be nice to vote on the *issues of the day* rather than see this clownish parading about and talk about "Obama girls" and whatnot. I find this extremely insulting to black folks, and what's worse is that I've seen it featured on other blogs as some sort of positive black cultural experience!! And no, I'm not linking so you can look LOL! Please, guys, Obama is not "hood." I think he's evil, but I also can recognize that he's extremely intelligent and can speak in full sentences. Good grief.


  1. Wow. Things like this make me realize how hard I am making my NT sophomore son work . . . LOL! We're reading Churchill, Plutarch, Idylls of the King, etc.

    I wonder if people in that video can name one accomplishment of Barack Obama that persuades them to cast their vote for him. I may not agree with his politics, but he can articulate his positions and it is a pity to see inane videos like this one, dragging down what he is trying to do.

  2. Glad you are providing some entertainment for me during my insomnia.

    Obama's many things, but he's not "hood". I think these people are serious, unfortunately. You know Obama must be a good presidential choice if highly intelligent people like these are voting for him.

  3. A regular feature on Little Green Footballs is the exposure of some of the blogs on Obama's site. They're filled with socialists, communists, anti-Semites, unrepentant domestic terrorists and other unsavory characters. We also know that dictators and thugs around the world support Obama. He is supported by people that you and I might think of as "whack jobs". So this might be real.

  4. I'm not going to quit blogging. I just wanted more people to read i. Thanks for the input. Did you check out my blogger blog? Just click the name? It's new and improved!!!

    Aunt B

  5. I have nothing to say! I think just like you do.

  6. Wow, it is kind of hard to tell if this is supposed to be serious. Imagine having your work in this video on your resume!?

  7. I think what makes this even more humorous is that much of the back tune is "circle circle dot dot" by Jaime Kennedy which is one of the most offensive songs I have heard in a long time. We will not mention how I know what that song is. lol

  8. It sounds like the title to a preschool colouring book, but perhaps it's best that I don't enquire...


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